Stop Trying to Get Free MLM Leads This Way

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dunce_mlm_leadsThe other day I was doing some google research on a new MLM company when I came across an article that had the #1 spot on google for the particular key word I was researching.  I scanned the article, clicked on the author and one article caught my eye.  The article was about free MLM leads.

I’m all about generating free leads and traffic to my websites, in fact I teach others to do the same, and I’m always looking to learn new ways to expand my awareness and achieve better results because that’s the name of the game – Results.  However, this article was not talking about that.  The author’s method to generate free leads was to find lead companies that offered ‘free trials’…

That’s It!  Can you believe it?

That was his way to get free leads.  The alternative to these ‘freebies’ he said, was to buy the leads, or you could try generate your own.  The main point of his article was regardless of where your leads come from you always market and lead with the benefits of your product and then your opportunity…

What? If you’re following that advice I’m going to suggest that you STOP!  Don’t do that anymore, it’s the old school.

Listen, the world is shrinking, the internet has given us the ability to communicate faster, and it’s allowed us to extend our message around the globe with a push of a button.  Things move at an amazing pace and if you’re still doing business the way people were five years ago, you need to change.

I’m going to share with you the problems with the advice the other author gave and I’ll uncover for you the correct way to position yourself for success in this new economy.

Problems with purchasing leads

First off let me ask you, if you purchase leads from a lead company, where did they come from?

Do you really know?

Sure the lead vendor or person selling you the leads can give you the idea that they are coming from here or there, but it doesn’t matter.  The fact of the matter is that you truly do not know where they came from.  You do not know what incentivized them to give up their name, email, and number.  You had no control on the source.

This leads to the next problem which is… these people do not know who you are nor do they care, you’re just another person calling trying to ‘sell’ them on either your product benefits and or your opportunity.

Unless you are a killer salesman, and even if you are, this is a hard painstaking way to try to build a business and  it’s not duplicated.  If you want your team to succeed you need to have actions that are duplicatable.  If you think cold calling leads, walking up to people in the mall, putting on home presentations is duplicatable, then I have a bridge for sale that you’ll love to have.  The majority of people trying to build their business this way will give up because of the rejection and frustration.

A Little Secret You MUST Understand

I’m going to let you in a little secret and once you understand and internalize it, you will raise to a whole new level of awareness on how you build your business.

No one cares about your opportunity, THEY DO NOT WANT IT.  What they want is a solution to their problem and they want to know if you are the person that can help them get to where they want to go and solve that problem.

Read that over again.  Read it over and over until it is burned into your subconscious, it’s that important.  So how do you do that?  Read on and I’ll explain later, but first let’s go to back to the problems with these purchased leads.

Purchased Leads Do Not Belong to You

Now, the last problem with these leads is, they’re not yours.  You cannot load into your own autoresponder (an automatic email follow up system)  and I’m not talking about the autoresponder or lead management system your company has, that’s not yours, that’s your company’s.  If something happens with the relationship you have with that company, or you decide to jump to something else, those people are gone.

What I’m talking about is your own system, you control it.  You can build a relationship with the people in there and offer them products that solve their problems.

As you can see with purchase leads you have no control, you’re throwing away money, and remember – no one cares about your product or opportunity.

At this point you may be asking, “Well if I don’t market the benefits of my product and I don’t market my home business opportunity, then what do I market?”… I’ll tell you what you market.

Self Branding

You market YOU!  You brand yourself.  You build value in yourself as a leader, as a person who has the solution to others problems.  You stop trying to sell people and start helping them.  You put movement into what I call Action-Attraction Marketing and Mindset.

People do business with people that they know and trust.  Now, I know some will say no that’s not right people do business with people that they know, like, and trust, but that’s not entirely true.  You don’t necessarily have to like the person you’re doing business with.  As long as you know them and trust them you will do business with them verses someone you don’t know or trust.

When you put value in yourself and give value to others you become magnetized, attractive and because of your actions you attract other to you.  You must get your mindset straight and first see yourself as a helper, a leader, a giver.  Start asking yourself what your talents and abilities are and how can you share them.

Givers Gain

You can start this mental shift right now with the decision that you are going to be the leader, the person of value you want to become.  Everything starts with a decision.  Make the decision and then make a commitment to self improvement.  Get into studying yourself.  A great book to start with is James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh”.  That book was given to me over three years ago by my mentor Bob Proctor and I still study it today, in fact if you’d like a free copy be sure to read my “As A Man Thinketh” Review.

So, if you’re looking to get free MLM leads make sure you do it the right way by branding yourself and providing value.

To Your Massive Success,


P.S.  New to Action-Attraction Marketing and Mindset? If you want to learn the latest tips and strategies that the top income earners use to generate massive amounts of traffic to their MLM or Network Marketing business then all you have to do is put your name and e-mail in the little box below and I’ll send you awesome training to get you started.

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