Network Marketing Success Requires One Thing

Network Marketing Success requires that you can produce one thing… RESULTS.



Results is the name of the game, however many of us are not getting the results we desire in our network marketing business.  Some of you may be doing okay, but still you want to improve your current results.  We try and try, we work hard but remain and feel stuck.  Why?

If I were to ask you to write down three things that you know how to do and if you did them you would improve the results you’re currently getting in your network marketing business, I’d be willing to bet that all of you could come up with at least three, some of you may be able to come up with five or six or even ten.

So if you know how to do better than let me ask you this…

Why aren’t you doing those things?

You see, the problem isn’t knowing what to do, we all know how to do better.  The problem is, we’re not doing what we already know and if you want to have network marketing success you need to have an understanding of what is causing your current results.

To do this we need to talk about the mind and gain an awareness of how our mind works because it’s all about the mind.  Now, pay close attention to what I’m about to go over because the idea I’m about to share could literally change your business and life.

Now, you and I think in pictures.  If I were to ask you to think of your car you get an image of your car on the screen of your mind.  You don’t see the word C.A.R. you see an image a snap shot of your automobile.  If I ask you to think of your house, you see an image of your house, however if I ask you to think of your mind what image do you get?  Most people will get an image of the brain, but the brain is not the mind anymore than our fingernail is.

Mind is movement and body is the manifestation of the movement.  You see, when we have no picture we have confusion and out of confusion comes order and that’s what we want to do.  We want to bring order to the mind.  In order to this we’re going to need an image to work with so we’re going to use an image that was originated back in 1934 by a Dr Thurman Fleet of San Antonio Texas and is used in all LifeSuccess teachings.  We’re going to let this big circle represent the mind and the little circle represent the body.

The mind is split up into two parts:

The Conscious Mind and The Sub-Conscious Mind.

Now, it’s vitally important that, if we want to have success in our network marketing business, we need to understand the difference between these two parts because they function totally different.

The conscious mind is where we get all the input from our outside world through our sensory factors, we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.   Ideas are constantly flowing into our conscious mind and in our conscious mind we have the ability to accept or reject any of the information that comes in.  Our conscious mind is the filter to the sub-conscious.  The conscious mind is also where we can originate thought, it is our thinking mind.

If we see in the paper or the news negative ideas about the economy or let’s say someone gives you a negative idea about the network marketing industry in general, we have the ability to reject these ideas.  However, most people don’t think.  They allow their conscious mind to accept these negative ideas and when they are accepted they move into the second part of the mind, the sub-conscious.

Now, the sub-conscious mind is our emotional or feeling mind.  The ancient Greeks called it the heart of hearts.  It has no ability to reject, it accepts all ideas presented to it and incorporates them into your beliefs.  This is why it’s so important that we monitor the thoughts we have in our conscious mind and only let in those ideas that will move us forward in a positive way.  The sub-conscious mind knows no difference between what is real and what is imagined.

If you build an image of the life you want, of having a successful network marketing business, and you impress that image into the sub-conscious and become emotionally involved with that idea, then the sub-conscious mind will set up a vibration in the body and move you in that direction through your actions.

So, it’s in our conscious mind that we choose our thoughts, those thoughts cause our feelings, those feelings are expressed through our physical body in our actions and it’s those actions that produce our results.

Most people are conditioned to look at their present results and think, that if they just change their actions then their results will improve.  This is where so many people remain stuck.  As we discussed earlier, we already know how to do better.  We already know at least three things that will move us towards our goal, but those things are not in harmony with our current thinking so trying to just change the actions we’re taking is not going to help.  You see, the actions are not the main cause.  We have to ask what’s causing us to act the way we act.  The actions are an effect.  The real cause is in our thinking.

If we want to change our results then we need to start in the conscious mind.  We need to start by building a crystal clear image of what we really want.  Once we have that image we need to internalize that image, become emotionally involved with it and when we do we’re going to act a certain way which will produce the results we want.

So, if you want to improve the results you’re currently getting, start with your mind start inside.  Work from the inside out and not the other way around.

Now, that’s all the time I have for today, but in another post I’ll outline and show you what happens when you permit your present results to control your thoughts.  Read this post again, watch the video.  The more you read and watch this the more your awareness will start to grow.  You can never watch and study this enough.  Repetition, repetition is the first law of learning.

To your massive network marketing success,

P.S. – Take this information and share it.  Share it with your team, your upline, your downline and new reps.  Once they understand the primary cause of their results your network marketing business will explode!

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  1. Gloria Anthony
    6 years ago

    This is going to help my network marketing team tremendously. I can’t wait to share it. Thanks Ed.
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  2. dalerreedws
    5 years ago

    Great post, I came to your site from your youtube channel. I love the stuff you put out.
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