Do You Make These Mistakes When Setting Goals?

Goal Setting is something that we all know we should do but many of us get frustrated along the way and end up changing the goal.  We move along plugging away with our new goal and before long we make another change…


We’re setting goals, we know we gotta have a goal, but nothings happening in terms of getting closer to our target.

Well in this video I’ll uncover the mistakes that are made by the masses when setting goals and what you’ll need to do to make it right.

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Ed Reiner

CEO at Global Visions Online, LLC
Ed Reiner is a personal development teacher partnered with Bob Proctor's LifeSuccess Consultants company and an internet marketer. He assists individuals in building their business online and helps transform their lives from the inside out.

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  1. Gerald Gigerl
    8 years ago

    hy ed,

    the first time i visit your blog and definitely not the last time! wow what an informative and high quality video was that! simply amazing how yu described the thinking patterns of us human beings!

    thank you so much for creating this video!

    have an awesome weekend!


  2. Bill Brabant
    8 years ago

    Hi Ed, Great inspirational Video. Can’t think of a better thing to do every morning than listen to a great video.

    Keep them coming, Bill

  3. Michelle
    8 years ago

    Hey Ed,
    Great job on the video!
    Welcome to the LifeSuccess family!
    Best ever decision I ever made in my life 5 years ago to become a consultant and be trained by Bob, I have never looked back and my life and others have been changed by following this material!
    Good to have you on board Ed! Keep on keeping on!
    People more than ever need what we can provide to help them move forward!
    Yours in co-creation Ed, great job on the video!
    Very best,

  4. paul
    8 years ago

    im impressed by the simlicity of the video and the power and impact of the message.

    i think i needed that.


  5. Network Marketing
    5 years ago

    Very nice article, I loved the video. Will there be a part 2?
    Network Marketing recently marketing

  6. program tv
    5 years ago

    Awesome job! Just what I needed.