10 Reasons Why Women Should Start an Internet Business

Deciding to start an internet business is in my opinion, one of the fastest and smartest ways women today can earn money. Below are 10 reasons for starting an internet business and the one reason why you shouldn’t!




1. Money

This is a no brainier, we all could use a more of it. Whether you want to get out of debt, build a retirement, take a family vacation, travel the world or just simply make ends meet. With the right guidance, an internet business can start generating income almost immediately and money is really good for just two things. One it allows you to be more comfortable and two it allows you to render far more service way beyond your own physical presence.


2. Family

Let’s face it Moms, a lot of you desire to be home with your kids. You’d like to be able to go on all the field trips, attend all the plays, the sports games and all the school functions. A work at home job is great for just that reason. No longer to you have to ask your boss if you can leave early or have the day of, which by the way you don’t get paid when you’re gone. An internet business truly lets you run it from home and generate income while you’re attending those functions.


3. Flexibility

When you work at home, you can arrange your schedule to be available when a child is sick and has to stay home and as I said before if there is a field trip at school, or if you just take a mental health day and sit at a park and read. How many bosses would give you the day off to read in the park?


4. Self Esteem and Confidence

Many of you are so busy at being good Moms, and wives that you forget to design something in your life that reflects your inner self. Starting (and becoming successful) in your own online business can raise your feelings of self worth, and that rubs off on everyone in your life making everyone a winner!


5. Tax Benefits

When you start a internet business at home you’ll be able to take large tax deductions for your home business. Things like your internet, phone, and the space you use in your office can be written off. Less taxes = more money in your pocket, and that’s a good thing in my book.


6. Community

The community that you live in becomes better off because you’ve started a home businesses. It establishes you a good role modeling for the children, provides tax base for necessary programs such as police and fire, and a community where people exhibit pride and hard work is a better place to live for us all. It allows you to give back to worthy charities and you never know, maybe you will inspire more women in your community to start a business! If you can do it so can they.


7. Work at Home Household Savings

Working at home means no expensive wardrobes, unless you’d like them. The average professional suit for a woman can cost over $150! Can you imagine NOT having to buy expensive clothes for work anymore? Just think of how much money a year you can save your families budget? Also, how much do you think a work at home mom uses for restaurants and take out?


8. Control

Being in control of your own business means you are no longer in fear of layoffs. Now, don’t get me wrong here, a home business can go down too…but at least YOU hold the reins and make the decisions, not someone else and if you build a presence online correctly you can build another business in far less time than the first.


9. Your Schedule

You decide when you work, how much time you spend, and how much you make. The days of being paid for less than you are worth are over. No longer to you have to beg your boss for a measly raise. If you educate yourself right and align yourself with the right people, you can pretty much combine working smart with persistence and have unlimited income.


10. Automation

When you leverage technology you can use tools that can pretty much automate your business. You can build your internet business to a point where it pretty much runs on autopilot. I say pretty much because there is always some effort that has to be involved, however you can get to a point where you can outsource many of the tasks which frees up more time for you to enjoy the things you now only dream about.


Now we come to the one reason NOT to start an internet business…

DO NOT start a business to please anyone else. Today there is so much pressure on women to do it all…many times women feel they are not successful unless they make a lot of money, unless they are the perfect mom, unless they never gain a pound…you get the idea. Do it for YOU. Start a business for you, and your dreams, not to prove it to the world, or your mother in law, your husband, or the neighbor next door. Believe in yourself! If there is one mom out there that has build a successful online business, YOU CAN TOO! Starting and running a business is not for everyone, but you’re not everyone. If you want to follow your dreams, work at home, and make an awesome income, starting an internet business is a great place to begin.

If you’re ready to start your business, but don’t know where to start then you’re in luck.

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To your massive online success,

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Ed Reiner

CEO at Global Visions Online, LLC
Ed Reiner is a personal development teacher partnered with Bob Proctor's LifeSuccess Consultants company and an internet marketer. He assists individuals in building their business online and helps transform their lives from the inside out.

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